Dr. Dan W. Luper
Dr Dan Luper
WELCOME to Luper Ministries Web-Site. I am delighted that
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This site is designed to strengthen the family' faith in Jesus Christ by
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Weather you are new to Christianity or not, these courses will prove to
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This course is designed to unravel future prophecies that are yet
to  be fulfilled, particularly the
70th Week of Daniel, known as the
7-year "
Tribulation Period," and the judgments to follow.  

More Biblical prophecy is written concerning the tribulation
period than all other biblical prophetical events combined.  
writers of the Bible, including Daniel, Ezekiel, Jesus, the Gospel
writers, Paul's epistles,
wrote about the Tribulation period,

However, many
Christian denominations do not have a clear
picture or understanding of the
Book of Revelation, or the
Tribulation Period.  As a result,
many bad doctrines and cults are

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